Milk of Magnesia for Herpes – How to Cure Herpes with Milk of Magnesia?

Milk of magnesia is a common name of magnesium hydroxide. It is a type of the medicine which can not only be used in indigestion but also it can be applied topically on the skin. This medicine has been proven more effective for facial treatment, stomach problems, and heartburns problems. Due to its ability to clear the skin complexion, it is used in almost all type of skin care products. We know that all of my friends are very intelligent and they are aware of herpes and its symptoms. Yet, I want to give a small overview about herpes because it is unfair to go directly into the depth of the article. But one thing that I can say with confidence that if you are looking for the treatment of herpes, you are at the best platform. Without consuming much time, Let’s start.

Cold Sore Herpes Infection
Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which caused by the herpes simplex virus. This virus only spreads by the physical contact with the person who already has the herpes infection. Herpes is not a life threatening disease but if care is not taken, it can cause the severe problem in the oral and genital areas of the body.

A family doctor told us that herpes can recur due to the weakness of the immune system, and this weakness may be due to stress, illness and other condition that can impair your immune system. Herpes is an incurable disease and all the treatments of it only reduce the symptoms instead of curing it. So we must have a strong immune system. For this several supplements with magnesium are available to boost the immune system and make us less prone to herpes.

How to make milk of magnesia?
We already told you, my dear friends, that milk of magnesia is a chemical composition of magnesium hydroxide. It is a simple reaction between magnesium oxide and water. Since magnesium is more reactive than hydrogen, so it displaces the hydrogen from water and makes an aqueous fluid white solution named as milk of magnesia.

milk of magnesia
How milk of magnesia treat herpes?
Milk of magnesia contains magnesium which has the resistance to fight any type of virus including herpes virus. A 2008 study published in the “Journal of Pineal Research” found that magnesium supplements can reduce the severity of cold sores by boosting the immune system also Magnesium helps us to regulate the metabolism, activate the enzymes and take care of other nutrients. Another study shows that the deficiency of magnesium in our body is rare. Most people do not take magnesium diet so they are more prone to chronic stress and we know that any type of stress can develop herpes.

How to apply milk of magnesia?
The ways of using the milk of magnesia are very simple; you can follow them easily-
2. First of all, clean your face. It will remove excess moisture from your skin. Then dry with a towel
3. This has a calamine lotion-like texture, hence use milk of magnesia in a small amount. Apply a thin layer of this product on your face. For this, you can use a cotton ball.
4. Allow it to dry.how to use milk of magnesia
5. If you are planning to go out, apply your regular makeup.
6. Dab on some loose powder for smoother skin.

Precautions and Conclusions:
Every product has some benefits and some drawbacks including milk of magnesia. So care should be taken, we will tell you what harms of milk of magnesia are if you are not using it in a proper way.
Never use milk of magnesia if your skin is dry because it can make patches on your skin which result in itchiness. Use this in a small quantity to treat herpes. Shake well before opening the bottle of milk of magnesia. If you note any side effects of using milk of magnesia, stop using the product. Don’t use the product too often. Use it only 1-2 times a week. We know that after reading our article you are most satisfied because you read only those things which you want to read. Remember, you are at herpescure9.com. Take care and stay fit.


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How To Treat Herpes – Kill Herpes Virus With Home Remedies

How To Treat Herpes –

Herpes infection is a chronic infection that has no cure yet though, numbers of therapy options exist for suppressing the herpes malady. Stopping herpes outbreak is the only thing that we can do to deal with any kinds of herpes infection. For herpes patients certain therapy options are exist tackling with herpes infection. You can go for the medicines like acyclovir, Valtrex, Zovirax, valacyclovir, famcyclovir & topical ointments or creams for better coping with herpes disease. However, these medications may support you coping with herpes malady however these medicines may also produce numbers of bad effects that you do not want for yourself. These medicines don’t support you anyway to speed up your immunity power and a strong immunity power is the only thing that can support you better coping with herpes malady. For speeding your immunity you require to go for the alternative remedy option and the alternative herpes treatment is going for holistic things. The nicest side of the natural herpes treatment is that this will support you improving your immune system & at the similar time supports you combating from herpes virus. As natural remedy is entirely fall under holistic things so, there’re no chances of receiving any types of unwanted effects. This is the biggest plus point of natural therapy that you need to admit.

Kill Herpes Virus –

There are numerous therapy options accessible that can be used for the remedy of herpes malady though if we converse about the home therapies for herpes you will not receive a better remedy option for herpes than that. The most adorable thing about the home remedies for herpes is that there’s no even single probability of getting any kinds of unwanted effects. Following home remedies for herpes has numerous benefits such as it assists speeding up your immunity, assists managing your herpes infection & assists combating from this illness effectively. There’re many natural ingredients accessible which you can follow for better controlling your herpes illness. You can use apple cider vinegar for getting better protection from herpes disease. It helps diminishing the acuteness of herpes symptoms and at the same time speed ups your immunity. Garlic carries the energy of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & antifungal component that helps preventing further outbreaks of herpes ailment. Applying lemon balm directly on to your face can support you reducing the severity of herpes infection. Applying ice pack can assists you in removing the ache from affected area. Liquorice root is known for strengthening the immune system as well as helps you fighting from this malady effectively. You can also follow honey for managing your signs of acne as it carries the powerful of natural things which is proved to have a special effect in the therapy of herpes ailment.


Apart from the above mentioned home remedies, there is one really effective remedy that can easily solve your troubles. Click here to know about that amazing remedy, i.e. herbal tea for herpes.

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Facial Herpes – Natural Home Remedies To Cure Herpes

Facial Herpes – How To Cure Herpes !

Facial herpes or it can be also recognised as oral herpes is a kind of herpes which generally influences your facial area. Facial herpes malady is mainly caused through the herpes simplex virus 1 which is most often responsible for oral type of herpes. It can either occur on your face or you may catch this ailment near your mouth. This is one of the extremely common varieties of herpes infection comparing to the genital herpes. It could be also named as cold sore, fever blister, oro-facial herpes & many more. Herpes labialis & herpes febrilis are the other definitions of it. Facial herpes most often evolves with itching, burning and tingling sensation. The disease of facial herpes mostly spreads by close exposure with the herpes infection and kissing. If we say that any kinds of contact to the herpes virus can cause the evolvement of facial herpes then it would not be wrong. The Indications and symptoms of facial herpes most often emerge near facial area like well as other aspect of the body. Facial herpes can also cause the evolvement of eye herpes. As facial herpes is not feasible so you can take appropriate steps managing further outbreaks of herpes ailment.

Natural Home Remedies to cure Herpes

Verifiable that there are numbers of remedy choices accessible which you can use for the treatment of herpes sickness but do you conscious of the actuality that most of the therapy options arrive with certain types of unwanted effects. Yes, it is an acidic reality regarding medicines that they generally produce few kinds of bad effects. However, this doesn’t mean that every accessible remedy options have side effects. Home remedy is a type of therapy options that does not lead to any varieties of bad effects. Home remedies for herpes is all regarding holistic things & natural ingredients can be discovered anywhere in the earth. The greatest thing regarding home remedy is that you’ll not suffer from any types of bad effects from it. There are numbers of holistic stuffs available which can be followed for curing it. You can apply icepack for managing the disease of herpes infection. Echinacea carries certain important properties that are proved boosting your immunity as well as speed the healing procedure of cold sore & wounds. Garlic contains antiviral & antibacterial properties which are proved in healing the intensity of herpes signs. For receiving a good relief you can go for tea tree oil as a moisturiser as it carries antiviral properties that help erasing the bacteria as well as supports in easing the Indications and signs of herpes disease.