Can We Use Lysine For Herpes Treatment?

Herpes Infection On neck 1234There is a myriad of natural options available that can be used for the treatment of herpes symptoms but none of them seem to have effective in eradicating herpes virus. When it comes to herpes cure, most of the dermatologists and scientist don’t be able to comment because the scientist’s community has failed to develop an effective herpes cure. The scientist community is working assiduously for hundreds of years in order to find the much-awaited cure for herpes virus but still, they haven’t been succeeded yet. Today if you see around the globe you would find that there are almost 70-80 percent of the world population has been affected with herpes virus and they are looking to the scientific community with hopeful eyes. Today this virus is immortal and after the infection of this virus, there is no way that you can use in order to extirpate this virus out of your body.Herpes Pathogen This virus works differently and hides deep in your cells that the medication you eat can’t reach to the herpes virus. This virus can live in your body in dormant condition for rest of your life and one of the worse aspects of this virus is that even after you get affected by this virus, this virus doesn’t inform you that you have been infected with one of the most sinister viruses of the world. When it infiltrates your body, your body identifies this virus as the foreigner and start making antibodies in order to fight this lethal virus and your body may take from a few weeks to a few months in order to build powerful antibodies. This process doesn’t work as well because your immune system’s antibodies are not powerful enough to stay off the herpes virus. It gradually starts manifesting symptoms in your body or it may hide deep into your body’s cells and may wait for your immune system to be weakened so that it can assault your body with full power.

We mentioned above that there are myriad of remedies available that may help you treat the symptoms of herpes and today we are about to talk one of those remedies that are named as Lysine.Lysine For hereps Lysine is basically an amino acid that used in various medications and one of the most powerful remedies for herpes infections. Lysine is essential amino acids and you may probably know that amino acids are known as building blocks of the protein. Lack of amino acids in your body may cause degradation of your body’s cells, thus several amino acids are required in your body to help your body. Lysine also helps promote calcium absorption which is necessary for your bone health and it is an integral part of the formation of collagen. If you use lysine in treating herpes then it would be a deft decision for you as lysine may help you decrease the frequency of outbreaks and may help your cold sores to eliminate. According to the University of Maryland, “oral lysine can be useful in preventing recurrence of cold sores, which are normally caused by HSV2. Oral sex can transmit HSV1 to the genital area or HSV2 to the mouth so it can be difficult to tell whether a genital herpes outbreak is caused by one virus or the other.” preventionAccording to .A. Tomblin and K.Lucas, both pharmacists, reported in Medscape News for Nurses- “literature review on the use of lysine, they found six studies that supported using lysine to prevent recurrence of outbreaks. However, only two of the studies reviewed reported lysine as effective in helping during an actual outbreak”. It has myriad of anti-herpes properties that if used can give you miraculous results and may help you extirpate symptoms out of your body. Lysine might be effective in suppressing repeat outbreaks as it has antiviral, antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help your symptoms to suppress. Read more to know the complete details about lysine and herpes


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