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Type 1 & 2 Herpes & Treatment Of Herpes

Information From: WebMD

HSV : Type1 and Type2 | Treatment of Herpes

Herpes Introduction:


Herpes Simplex virus – Also known as herpes, herpes is commonly of two type’s herpes 1 or oral herpes and herpes 2 or genital herpes. Herpes simplex virus is a virus which causes herpes disease and it is a very contagious disease. And there are two types of herpes as we mentioned above and as their name shows herpes 1 or oral herpes affects oral area of the person and herpes 2 or genital herpes affects genital area of a person. And in both of them genital herpes is more common and also women gets the virus more than men. Around 1 in 6 people has herpes virus. And most of them don’t even know that they have the virus because in some cases herpes never shows its symptoms.


What Causes Herpes & Herpes Outbreak:


As we mentioned above herpes is cause by a virus called herpes simplex virus and this is a sexually transmitted virus it can even transferred through kissing but the main ways are oral or genital sex. It may also transfers from mother to child and in some rare cases by using the personal things like razor, towel etc. of an infected person.

The outbreaks of herpes depends on individual’s body. Some people with herpes got regular outbreaks and some gets several outbreaks Also in some cases person never get any outbreak lifetime it depends on how strong is your immune system. Whenever your immune system becomes for any reason herpes virus attacks you. So it’s up to your immune system how many outbreaks you face.


Now what is Treatment of Herpes:


As listen to paramedical companies there is no herpes cure but some other people who believes in herbs and natural ways to treat any disease there is a permanent herpes treatment and which is done by using some herbs.


So why paramedical companies are lying? There is no proof but according to me the reason behind their lie is the huge revenue by selling their fake pills. As we all know herpes is so common and also every sixth person has the disease so that’s why herpes is become a very big marketplace for paramedical companies where they are selling their fake suppressive pills and making millions of dollars. And they don’t want people to get rid of it because if people able to get rid of it their million dollar business becomes 0. For natural treatment check out our treatment post in the blog.


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